A new service for chicken keepers


A new service for chicken keepers

A Smallholder Directory client has launched a new service for chicken keepers.  The Cosy Hen Company, near Usk, in South Wales, says that the rise in popularity of keeping chickens has created demand for a boarding service while owners are away from home.  Chickens need to be fed and watered, have their bedding changed and be kept safe from foxes.  Neighbours can sometimes do this, but it’s a lot to ask, especially when it rains, or the owners are planning an extended trip abroad.

Husband and wife team, Peter & Glenda Stoneman, have been offering a chicken boarding service on their farm since the summer of 2011 and have been fully booked during July and August, confirming the need for their service.

Peter told Smallholder Directory, “Potential customers want to know that the birds they leave with us will be safely looked after by experts and kept in a clean environment.  By investing in a fleet of brand new Green Frog Designs chicken houses, made from recycled plastic, with secure runs, The Cosy Hen Company ensures that each new group of guest chickens, check into a clean, sanitised house for the duration of their stay”.

“Birds staying with us are kept in owner groups and do not mix with our own birds or other chicken guests.  As experienced poultry keepers, we recognise the need for high levels of biosecurity to protect customer’s birds and our own flock. Guest birds are moved onto fresh ground regularly and their houses are kept clean and dry to promote good health. They are fed on a diet of Farmgate layers pellets, with mixed corn treats and fresh clean water and grit is always available”.

“We are open for boarding throughout the year and we charge £1.50 per bird per night, with a modest premium for Xmas, New Year and Easter holidays. For a small additional charge, we will even worm your birds while they are with us”.

With this type of service available when you go away, there’s no excuse for not getting a few back yard chickens and enjoying daily fresh eggs and a taste of the good life….

For details call Peter or Glenda on 01291 650655 or visit them online at  www.CosyHens.co.uk

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