Exciting New Sponsorship Deal for Nicola Wilson and Verm-X


Exciting New Sponsorship Deal for Nicola Wilson and Verm-X

Verm-X is delighted to announce a new sponsorship deal with top event rider Nicola Wilson. North Yorkshire-based Nicola uses the leading herbal formulation on her fourteen competition horses to keep them in the best of health and free from internal parasites.

The natural herbal ingredients provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements that contribute to overall health and well being, in addition to internal parasite control. 

Gentle on the digestive system, Verm-X is ideal for horses in competition as its natural formulation does not pose any threat to performance and is gentle on the digestive system. 

Nicola and her top ride Opposition Buzz (pictured) were part of the GB Gold Medal Winning team at the World Equestrian Games in 2010. They also had an excellent run at Badminton this year finishing in seventh place.

Said Philip Ghazala of Verm-X: “Nicola’s talent is astounding; we are delighted to be supporting her and her team of horses. More and more horse owners are turning to natural products as they are completely safe, avoid resistance problems and are more ecological than drugs.”

Verm-X is recognised for Environmental Best Practice by the Government supported Green Apple Awards, for their work and success in bringing a natural product into a traditionally chemical and man-made market.

Verm-X also has Ethical Accreditation from the ECO and the only approved product of its type approved for on organic systems.

Verm-X is also the only product of its type allowed for use on organic holdings such as the one on which Nicola’s horses are kept.

Verm-X for Horses and Ponies is available in powder, pellet and liquid form. Prices start at around £11.95.

For any further information or to find your nearest stockist please contact Verm-X on 0870 850 2313 or visit www.verm-x.com

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