Polytunnels Adapted for Sheep


Polytunnels Adapted for Sheep

There are many different types of housing that can be used to provide protection for sheep, their feed, bedding and equipment.  Traditional barns, metal buildings (and similar structures) and a lower-cost to traditional housing is the modest Polytunnel.  For farmers, a First Tunnels Sheep Shelter (typically a Polytunnel adapted for sheep) can quickly prove to be an invaluable and indispensable investment.

During cold or inclement weather, it is easier and more enjoyable to care for sheep that are housed.  The protection it provides can improve a flock’s welfare, reduce stress and the survival rate for lambs is usually higher when shed lambing is practised, especially where cold wet weather is the rule in late winter and early spring (not to mention the rest of the year).  All of which can make a significant difference to levels of profitability.

Polytunnel housing for Sheep

Whatever size Polytunnel best suits your flock requirements, First Tunnels will provide the materials especially selected to do the job! With a choice of polythene covers designed to reduce the light transmission and ultimately the heat.  A side ventilation system with reinforced net panels suitable for animal husbandry will help minimise the levels of stress and designed for ease of stock management and the ongoing good health of the herd.

Although First Tunnels Polytunnels are typically supplied with timbers as standard to make up hinged or sliding doors at both ends, by selecting the “no door” option, this gives you the freedom to make your own bespoke design, such as half height doors or gates all of which will eliminate drafts at the animals level whilst still giving sufficient air movement above.

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