Polytunnels are fantastic


Polytunnels are fantastic

growing plants in hanging baskets

FOR……….growing your favourite produce, even when the “outdoor” season has long finished and the unique properties of a Polytunnel make it a surprisingly cheap way to make large areas of land highly productive.

Your Polytunnel is a time machine, turning Autumn into Spring and Spring into Summer. Or you can look at it as if it has moved your garden over 1000 miles south..so it’s more like you’re growing in the balmier climate of Southern Spain! The secret is the skin of your Polytunnel which traps heat inside and even helps warm up the air in Winter.

Because low temperature is the limiting factor for plant growth in the winter, increasing the temperature is the most effective way to grow great crops. But there’s more to promoting plant growth than temperature alone.


Perfect form and flavour are influenced by other factors too. For example, compare plants grown in a garden blasted by wind and incessant rain, with plants grown in a Polytunnel.

The tunnel-grown produce should be perfect in every way…bigger and more tender because it has developed in an ideal, gentle environment with nine of the “rocking” which encourages crops to create wood cells for increased rigidity, sapping energy and making them tough and less tasty.

Your Polytunnel is the major contributor to keeping crops on the go all year round. But it also allows you to grow plants not usually possible in our climate. Take citrus fruit for example, once the orangery was the realm of the rich, who could afford to keep a heated space for oranges in the winter.

 Today, the Polytunnel brings citrus crops to everyone’s reach…even mangoes and fruiting bananas!

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