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Japanese Quail

Japanese Quail are an incredibly popular breed of quail for hobbyists, amateurs and professionals alike. Being quick growing, they can be breed and matured in about 6 weeks, making them an ideal education creature.

Incubation: 17 to 18 days.
First 15 days at 37.5°C and turning at least 3 times a day (manual turning) or use automatic turner.
At day 15 stop turning / remove turner and place eggs into ‘lockdown’. Increase humidity in incubator to 70%. Once hatching begins, don’t open the incubator until all chicks have hatched or 3 days have passed from first hatch.

Egg Laying:
Quails will begin laying eggs after approximately 50 days from hatch. In year 1, the hens will lay about 200 eggs.

Quail are classed as mature at 6 weeks of age. This is also the approx age when butchery should take place.

Adult weight:
Male Quails will weigh 100g to 140g
Female Quails will weigh 120g to 160g

Life span:
Japanese Quails will live for 2 to 2.5 years.