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Riddled with useful posts, our blog section has many articles to help you with almost any task.


Coming soon, our forum will be the ideal place to mix and mingle.

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Byadmin Jan 8, 2019

Incubating Eggs

Incubation It’s that time of year again, when you are or thinking collecting eggs for incubation. This is one of the most exciting tim

Byadmin Sep 23, 2012

Growing the Chicken Vet Practice Network – New Additions

In September, Chicken Vet welcomed two new veterinary practices to its network of Associated Practices. To become an Associated Practice, a

Byadmin Jun 1, 2012

Polytunnels are fantastic

FOR..........growing your favourite produce, even when the "outdoor" season has long finished and the unique properties of a Polytunnel make

Byadmin Mar 26, 2012

Why choose Premier Polytunnels?

Spring is here, meaning it’s that time of year… The time of year when gardeners up and down the country are busy buying and building their f